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5 Doable Step by Step Guide How to Start Your Side Income in 2021

Make Money at Home
Make Smartphone and Laptop your side generating income in 2020

It’s December 2020… It’s never to late to start a new side income at home…. Never! This is the perfect time to start and crush affiliate marketing business on 2021!

“Making Side income Online is not a difficult task and I can say it’s not also an easy task.”

YES! and the best part of it is… 

You can do it at home right in front of your laptop computer and smartphone, at your own time and at your own pace. Anywhere…

Does it sounds good? 

At the end of this article, You’ll discover the 5 doable step by step guide how to start your side income and start earning online.

These are just some of the many ways how to make side income online at home and monetize your social media presence.

The first question is.

How much money are you willing to invest in order to start NOW? Not later…

I believe that investing money to start an online business rather than seeking for a free is the key to stay focus and committed.

How many hours of your time can you spare in front of your laptop computer to begin your journey and start to make side income by doing it at home?

You have to combine all these things to make it happen.

Now, are you ready to discover the first of 5 easy steps how to start your online business? 

To begin with.

Let me ask you this question.

Are you familiar with Affiliate marketing?

If you’re following my recent blog, you should knew it then by now.

How Affiliate Marketing works and how do you earn money from it? 

If you already knew how and yet you never have the gut to get started, then you are missing something here.

To give you an idea how affiliate marketing works.

Here it is. Affiliate Marketing is simply promoting products thru online advertising.

The best part of it. These products are not even yours!

You don’t have to control inventories nor handle shipping and issuing refunds.

Your main job as an affiliate marketer is to bring or drive traffic to the vendors sales page. 

If some of this traffic made a successful purchase, then you get huge commission starting from 40%, 70% and even up to 90%! That’s sound simple but wait until you read all the steps..

Let’s get straight to the point! Continue reading…

Here are the 5 doable step by step guidelines.

Follow it one at a time. 

Step 1 – Click this link to ClickBank University

Discover one of the best Affiliate marketing platform in the internet today. You can register here for FREE up to 14 days trial. It is very crucial to watch their short video presentation how the system works. After you watched the video presentation, It’s all up to you to decide then if you’re focus to begin your journey or not. Remember, If you want to begin a money making business, you need to spend some dime and spare some time. Besides, We are not talking about a hundred bucks here, not even a $50 to begin with…

Don’t proceed to step 2 until you click this LINK and learn more about ClickBank University.

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

Step 2 – Find a “Niche” to promote from ClickBank Marketplace.

If you can’t decide yet what type of product you’re going to promote as an affiliate?

Here are some suggestion to begin with. 

First you need to know exactly your passion. 

What had you done lately?

Anything you do that make you feel good and happy.

That’s exactly your passion!

For example, if you love going in the gym and do some sort of exercises everyday, Sports is certainly your interest. 

If you love to cook, eat healthy foods and you really believe this maintains your slender body and you’re happy on results every time you hit the scale?

Your interest should be health and wellness, personal care or weight loss niche. 

Try promoting products that helps people achieve their dream body. Here are some example of top weight loss products from click bank marketplace: 

These are just examples of vendors video sales letter pages. 

Example 1: Weight loss product 1

Example 2: Weight loss product 2

At ClickBank Marketplace tab, Click directly to vendors affiliate resources link to get full details of their products, how to promote and where to promote your unique affiliate link.

Click HERE to begin…

Step 3 – How to Promote your **Affiliate link? Create a Facebook Fan Page.

**This is a unique affiliate link or also known as ClickBank ID (If you’re registered at ClickBank).

Use this link to drive traffic to the products VSL or Video Sales Letter page that you want to promote.

Creating a fan page on Facebook is easy. When you’re logged in to your personal profile click the news feed page to display the Facebook news feeds. This is the page where multiple post of your friends and sponsored ads appear. From the left side menu list you can find the page tab option. Click it, then create your own personal fan page, select local business and save. Remember, you need a Facebook fan page first in order to start creating advertising campaign on Facebook.

If you have a higher budget and ready to jump-start your journey. 

You need a walkthrough or over the shoulder guide to jumpstart your online affiliate business, I suggest you to watch this FREE Video on how to make your first $1K a day through Facebook.

Step 4 – Create Landing Page at ClickFunnels.

Just like a physical store where you need a place to bring people to buy a product from your store. Online is the same, You need to create a landing page or a Squeeze page or a  quiz page and or an Optin Page. 

Here, you are building a campaign triangle. One side is a Facebook Ads (Thru Fan Page).

A landing page (ClickFunnels), this the page where to direct your traffic through your affiliate link and…

The offer (vendors VSL – Video Sales Letter page).

If you don’t have ClickFunnels account, Register at ClickFunnels for FREE up to 14 days trial. It is easy to work with even if you don’t have the experience and expertise.

Step 5 –  Create A Business Manager Account On Facebook.

It’s a free account: You need Business Manager account to manage your Facebook Fan page, Ads account to create a campaign. You can start with one ad account, warm it up then you’ll add another up to 5 ads account in one business manager. Set your business account’s users, **domain, pixels and payments method.

**Domain can be found from the ClickFunnels.

Do this 5 step by step guide over and over again until you finally create your own strategy. Remember Marketing isn’t about expertise in sales. Its a strategy..

Are You Ready to start your own business online now?


You must set goal and be specific. Think of this “ I want to make $1k per day to stay and work at home completely.”

Decide now not later. “Your action, determination and motivation combined these things together to make it happen”

Expect struggles along the way. “Right mindset, stay focus, take your time and don’t quit”

“Remember that success is always come in the End.”

Next topic: 

Before you create a conversion campaign, you need to warm up your Facebook ad account..

Do not jump into conversion campaign until you knew this procedure.

Follow this blog and stay updated.

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